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Bambang Pramudiyanto

作者:Bambang Pramudiyanto
1984到1989–在印尼人美術學會(Akademi Seni Rupa 印尼/ASRI)學習美術, Yogyakarta 

1990 -世界的物件展覽會,在Mon Decor畫廊,雅加達 
2001 –個展,在Bentara Budaya 雅加達 
2003 -CP 在Galeri Nasional舉辦兩年一次的美術展,印尼,雅加達 

1995 -Pramudiyanto 的畫作在雅加達被選為Philip Morris藝術獎最好的五件畫作之一。 
BAMBANG 開始了以不同背景及狀況,畫各式各樣的摩托車的生涯, 從老舊生銹的汽車到閃閃發輛的新式摩托車。 
他常常捕捉反射在閃爍表面的真實完美車輛。 這樣的形式和形象在Bambang 的作品裡,以某些方法表達他對生命經驗的思考和感覺。 
如同從他的最新的作品可看出, 這藝術家不再限制他自己畫汽車, 他也擴展他的視覺語言。而他的最新的作品分享了令人生氣的形象思考,一男子和拿了一個弄皺的袋子在手上, 這可能是他的自畫像. 臉部的地方為一個盾牌,呈現出藝術家對他自己難以理解的詢問. 
他的作品已經在無數的兩年一次展的美術展中展示過,包括在Taman Ismail Marzuki 雅加達的Biennale X, Biennale Yogyakarta VI。 

Bambang Pramudiyanto
b. 1965 - Klaten, Central Java 

1984 to 1989 – Studied art at the Indonesian Fine Art Academy (Akademi Seni Rupa Indonesia/ASRI), Yogyakarta 

1990 - Worlds of Objects exhibition at Mon Decor Gallery, Jakarta 
2001 - Solo exhibition at the Bentara Budaya Jakarta 
2003 - CP Open Biennale at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta 

1995 - Pramudiyanto’s painting was selected as one the Five Best works of the Philip Morris Art Awards in Jakarta. 
BAMBANG began his career by painting all kinds of motorized vehicles in different contexts and conditions, from rusty old cars to shiny new motor vehicles. 
He often captures reflections in the shiny surfaces of the vehibles with realist perfection. The forms and images in Bambang’s work in some way represents his thoughts and feelings regarding his life’s experiences. 
As can be seen from his latest works, the artists no longer limits himself to painting automobiles, he has expanded his visual language. And his latest works shared a thought provoking image of a man with a crumpled bag over his head, a possible self portrait. Yet the shielding of the face presents an enigmatic self questioning of the artist himself. 
His works have been shown in a number of Biennales including Biennale X at Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta, Biennale Yogyakarta VI.